How often do you find yourself hiding your introversion in everyday life?


… or dare I say “protect” it.


We are indeed part of fast moving world, perhaps even too fast. Yet, our world did not put behind certain traditional social values. Each one of us is surrounded by people who have had their share in raising us hence people who might have marked our life path according to their beliefs, life experience and expect us to follow that very same path with more dedication.

As one of my previous immediate superiors whom I value dearly used to say, communication is a gold referring to all downs that organising teams may encounter and how proper communication with external partners can actually solve things. However, what had crossed my mind at the very same moment: are we all fit to communicate and is that communication predestined for extroverts only?!

Many people claim to be extroverts. They highly appreciate it as a positive trait and are very proud of it. In a highly competitive world, people do not want their possible weaknesses leak. Reasons of doing that are quite obvious, and such behaviors occur mostly at the very beginning of our career when we have barely any clue of what we need to work for and if our current work is going to lead us to what we hope to accomplish in a near future. The same applies to college students, who mostly don’t have any clue of what happens once they graduate.

So how does introversion fit in? Introverts appreciate their own time, for the sake of energy recharge and self-care. Peaceful surrounding that we seek for on the other hand, does not equal to peace within the introvert’s mind. On contrary, our brain is processing data and we require a little bit of peace, even for a second to rearrange the data, analyse the situation and finally move to a possible solution. Can we fit into aforementioned fast paced world? Very likely, it takes practice and dedication as well as support. We often do not require people to dedicate their full lifetime to us for the sake of our own success but we must feel that we are accepted and understood to a certain degree in order to settle down and communicate effectively.

Finally, seeking what one specifically asks for is more than often considered as a luxury. Nevertheless, despite the lack of constant need for communication introverts can very well perform at a workplace that more than often requires various types of communication which is something that we usually consider as an obstacle. Indeed, with lot of practice, dedication we also need to appreciate ourselves to a certain level but pay attention that it does not transform into self-centered behavior. No matter what type of personality we have, we are marked by certain actions of our parents or any family member who represents a dominant personality during our growing up period. Whether it be positive or negative influence, we need to understand that being an introvert is nothing we should quit cherishing as an integral part of who we are and who are we becoming day by day.

How we perform at work or academics is a part of our image that directly influences our private lives and our mental as well as physical health depends solely up on our decisions. Toxic thoughts that ressemble of how things cold go or be different as in better if we were more opened towards people regardless of the fact if they are good for us and our overal well-being such as: “if we only tried to do it that way”- should not deceive us. They are part of our journey as well and we should also be in peace with our toxic persona. Each and every individual has “him/her” and they gradually grow further as we grow up. Befriend your toxic persona as much as you cherish your super successful persona. Let them meet, have a drink or two and allow them to befriend each other.

Every minute is a new life battle, winning a war on the other hand depends upon establishing a balance between these two …


To be continued …